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Tourist taxes are the latest trend in big cities and holiday destinations. These taxes are charged at hotels, airports or cruise terminals, and earmarked for the management and funding of the local infrastructure required to cater to mass tourism. But these sources of revenue must be fine-tuned to strike a balance between public policy goals and the protection of local economy. We work with tourist taxes both domestically and abroad. We know how to design, and manage this specific kind of revenue, from North to South.

Developing countries rely heavily on consumption taxes as a key source of revenue. Implementing value added taxes with modern rules, a broad base and effective control is paramount to mobilize revenue in countries like Angola, Cabo Verde or Mozambique. Without tax revenue, there is little chance to meet the needs of the population. We have deep knowledge of African markets. We advise and partner with governments to reform and manage indirect taxes such as VAT, excise duties or customs duties.

The biofuel tax framework and the obligations incumbent upon the sector’s operators have varied greatly over time. Businesses sometimes have a hard time understanding existing regulations, the risks their operations may be exposed to and the taxes they can be demanded to pay. Understanding how domestic rules and European law interact is not an easy task either. We are closely involved with the oil sector. We provide day-to-day assistance to biofuel producers and importers and help them navigate sector-specifics risks.

Taxes are very important for companies in the brewing and spirits industry. In recent years many micro-breweries and micro-distilleries joined the ranks of the industry along the major companies, helping to give a fresh face to the business, encourage tourism and feed the local economy. New European directives are changing the taxes on alcoholic beverages, offering both challenges and opportunities. We are working with the sector to help it cope with all the novelties.

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