If tax is a battlefield, these are our tax soldiers. A bulletproof team with many years of field expertise that is always keen to grab each problem by the collar. Metaphorically or not.

Carlos is a Law Professor at the Lisbon University Law School and a reputed lawyer, who held a leadership position in one of the Big Four for 10 years. He focuses mainly on property taxation and on the taxation of the public sector. Carlos has been actively involved in high-profile local finance, infrastructure and energy projects, both in Portugal and abroad. He boasts a vast experience working in African markets, from Angola to Cabo Verde. Carlos served as Secretary of State for Tax Affairs in Portugal between 2008 and 2009.

Recent Posts

Finanças e Fiscalidade do Ordenamento do Território e do Urbanismo, Almedina, 2019

Finanças e Fiscalidade do Ambiente e da Energia, Almedina, 2019

Sérgio is both a distinguished Tax Law Professor at the Lisbon Catholic University Law School, one of Portugal’s leading law schools, and a top tax law practitioner specializing in indirect and energy taxes. Sérgio has been involved in several high-profile tax law projects in Portugal, including the drafting of the Excise Duties Code, the reform of vehicles’ taxation and the creation of environmental taxes on water and waste, having led the introduction of the tax arbitration system. Sérgio has also been acting as a consultant to the World Bank and the IMF and contributed to several tax reforms in Portuguese-speaking African countries, having been responsible for reforming VAT in Guinea-Bissau and the overhaul of tax incentives in Cabo Verde. Sérgio served as Secretary of State for Tax Affairs in Portugal between 2009 and 2011.

Coming from a large consulting firm, Mariana has specialized in indirect taxation and has a proven track record in advising clients and projects in the energy, tobacco, petroleum and alcoholic beverages industries. She has advised companies operating in Portugal and abroad on VAT, excise duties and customs. One of Mariana’s pet projects has been the taxation of soft drinks, a subject on which she has given advice and published several articles.

Since taking his master's degree in tax law at the Catholic University, João has been fascinated by tax litigation. At Lobo Vasques he spends his time immersed in deadlines, appeals, requests and allegations. It's not always easy to talk to him. But that's how young stars are born.

Some say it's the way of the North, others say it's a way of being. Between legal opinions for major clients and small procedures at the tax office, Tiago takes the utmost care in everything he does. He's the kind of person who never lets a typo slip through his fingers. From time to time you’ll hear him complaining about the traffic in Lisbon.

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